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In order to be admitted to the second-cycle degree program in Classical Philology, Literature and History of Classical Antiquity students must have a three-year university diploma or a bachelor's degree, or any other degree obtained abroad, recognised as suitable. 


Additionally, candidates must meet the following curricular requirements:


  1. To have acquired at least 54 Credits (CFU) for each of the following Scientific Disciplinary Sectors (SSD, Italian system): 


  • 18 CFU in L-FIL-LET/04 (Latin Language and Literature) and L-FIL-LET/02 (Greek Language and Literature), so as to have earned 6 CFU at least in L-FIL-LET/04 (Latin Language and Literature) and 6 CFU at least in L-FIL-LET/02 (Greek Language and Literature); 
  • 6 CFU in L-ANT/02 (Greek History); 
  • 6 CFU in L-ANT/03 (Roman History); 
  • 12 CFU in L-FIL-LET/10 (Italian Literature) and/or L-FIL-LET/12 (Italian Linguistics). Students may have acquired these 12 CFU in only one of the two SSD, or 6 CFU in each of the two SSD; 
  • 12 CFU in the following SSD: IUS/18 (Roman Law and the Rights of Antiquity); L-FIL-LET/07 (Byzantine Civilisation); L-FIL-LET/06 (Ancient Christian Literature); L-OR/01 (History of the Ancient Near East); L-FIL-LET/01 (Aegean Civilisations); L-ANT/09 (Ancient Topography); L-ANT/06 (Etruscology); L-FIL-LET/05 (Classical Philology); L-ANT/07 Classical Archeology); L-LIN/01 Historical and General Linguistics); M-GGR/01 (Geography); L-FIL-LET/04 (Latin Language and Literature); L-FIL-LET/02 (Greek Language and Literature); L-ANT/02 (Greek History); L-ANT/03 (Roman History); M-STO/01 (Medieval History); M-STO/02 (Modern History); M-STO/04 (Contemporary History); M-FIL/07 (History of Ancient Philosophy); L-FIL-LET/08 (Medieval and Humanistic Latin Literature); M-STO/09 (Paleography); L-ANT/05 (Papyrology); L-FIL-LET/10 (Italian Literature); L-FIL-LET/12 (Italian Linguistics); L-FIL-LET/13 (Philology of Italian Literature). Also in this case, students may have acquired the 12 CFU in only one or in more than one of the SSD listed above.


  1. Possession of B2 level at least in the knowledge of a foreign language of the European Union, including English; 


  1. Adequate ability to use the main IT tools (word processing programs, presentation tools, scholarly databases specific for Classics) is also assumed.


Admission requirements are verified on the basis (1) of the documentation submitted to the Teaching Board and (2) of an individual interview with a committee appointed by the Teaching Board.


⇒ Highly qualified graduates coming from academic programs that are not consistent with the requirements listed above may be admitted in the light of the interview.


Any academic deficiencies must be made up within the course enrolment deadline.

last update: 22-Sep-2022
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